What we do

The purpose of the Compass service is to enable organizations to quickly gain insights into precise, cost-effective and best pathway(s) to improve performance. The service provided by our COMPASS team eliminates the guesswork from your improvement projects.  COMPASS’ seasoned experts evaluate your data in the context of your organization and systematically recommending the right areas for you to focus to achieve key results.

Who we are

Our Compass experts have worked across the full spectrum of healthcare as part a lean healthcare consultancy called JKA (www.johnkimconsulting.com) and know firsthand how to get performance results. This JKA methodology has delivered double digit results across the industry has formed the basis for the Compass analysis approach.

Our Process


Get Started

We are happy to hear that you are interested in taking control of your lean journey towards operational excellence. To get started, simply call us at 978-761-6562 or send us a message at welcome@opexcompass.com. We look forward to talking with you soon.